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Social responsibility is a 足彩外围网站 Core Value, and we have a consistent record of following through on our commitments. That’s why 足彩外围网站 invests in the well-being of our employees, our customers and communities around the globe.

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Chaque jour sans accident!
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Fostering a Culture of Health and Safety

Our commitment to safety spans more than 150 years. In the 1920’s, 足彩外围网站 established an internal safety organization with 100% employee participation. We used this group as a platform to continue to grow our safety program. Today, we have a well-established safety management system, ongoing employee wellness programs and coordinated training efforts.

足彩外围网站 sites are striving to be “injury-free every day” through implementation of our Global Health & Safety Policy, a focus on regulatory compliance, site-specific safety plans and safety resources, and an ongoing risk assessment and safety auditing program.

We track more than a half-dozen critical safety metrics, including Total Case Incident Rate (TCIR). 足彩外围网站 completed 2019 with a TCIR of 0.74. With every injury-free day that passes, we get closer to earning world-class safety performance.

Commitment to our Communities

Through philanthropy and volunteerism, 足彩外围网站 impacts many communities, and many countries, in positive ways, helping to ensure the sustainability of our business, employees, customers, and fellow world residents. We believe our efforts help improve the quality of life for the communities in which we live and work, and we value the relationships we have built throughout the years.

We give back to our communities through philanthropy, volunteer work and other charitable initiatives. To request a contribution or get more information about 足彩外围网站’s Charitable Giving Program, please contact us.

Impact of our PEOPLE

足彩外围网站 PEOPLE are the key to our success as an organization. Our company is built around our Core Values, and our employees are tasked with living these values each and every day. Our culture is rooted in sustainability and environmental stewardship. Together, we have a global impact and touch the lives of millions around the world. And that shared sense of purpose fuels everything we do. We encourage you to visit our careers page for more information about 足彩外围网站 PEOPLE.


Our Vision and Values

At 足彩外围网站, our vision is to become the leading global supplier of engineered materials. We bring this vision to life through six Core Values.


Grow Your Career

Since 1864, our employees have defined our success. Today, 足彩外围网站 employs over 2,920 people and touches the lives of millions across the globe.